Through our long term experience, we have acquired a deep understanding of branding embellishments, and the visual impression they can lend a product. We work closely with brand managers and designers to ensure the decoration of the project reflects the image and perception of the brand. We offer a variety of methods from which we can create a broad choice of branding embellishments.

Laser Engraving Foil Blocking Silk Screen Printing Enamel Badges Foiled Litho Printed labels Backfilled metallic plaques

Laser Engraving
Laser engraving scorches an image or text onto the surface of the substrate. Here at Mount Gabriel we have the facilities to engrave sizable areas in great detail, onto hard and soft woods, acrylic and coated metals.

Foil Blocking
Foil blocking can transform the status of any material, such as wood acrylic, metal, leather, PU into something exclusive. We can foil block in any colour, we are not limited to gold and silver.
Mount Gabriel has developed a refined new method of presenting foil blocked material. By floating the foiled image between coats of lacquer the metallic effects are enhanced and the finish is remarkable.

Silk Screen Printing
Screen printing is a versatile printing technique; MGL has the capabilities to print onto a variety of substrates such as textiles, ceramics, metal, wood, paper, glass, and acrylic.

Lacquer can be applied to any non-porous substrate to further highlight the printing.

Cold Enamel Badges
Cold enamel badges are a branding embellishment we have extensive experience of manufacturing. Cold enamel has an evocative quality which brings a touch of sophistication to any product. The badges can be manufactured to suit specification.

Foiled Lithroprinted Labels
Foiled Litho Printed labels are another distinguished style of branding embellishment. We can foil litho print on any metallic paper, and in any colour, which stretches the versatility of the technique.

The diversity of the colour and finishes litho printing offers means the technique is suited to many product designs, from the vibrantly modern to the nostalgically traditional. We use a variety of processes to emulate a choice of appearances, all manufactured to customer specification.

Back Filled Metallic Plaques
Backfilled metallic plaques are perhaps the most exquisite branding embellishment available in the market place today. The sheer attractiveness of such decoration can only raise the perception of your product