With over 20 years manufacturing experience Mount Gabriel has developed a reputation for excellence.
With manufacturing facilities in the UK and Direct Investment as a Joint Venture partner in China.
We manufacture a vast range of merchandise in both leading edge and Traditional materials we offer an extensive and International production base.

Our manufacturing capabilities are second only to your imagination. Whether working to client design briefs or from concepts created by our in-house design team. We offer full C.A.D 3D visualisations incorporating the most innovative and cost effective materials and finishes. Our commitment to manufacture to client specification is TOTAL.

As contract manufacturers our comprehensive and varied portfolio of branded products demonstrates our capability to manufacture under confidentiality agreements, and under licence for and on behalf of Global Brand owners. Who, are all retained by an exceptional level of customer service.

Working with the leading UK and Global specialists in raw materials and surface coating, Mount Gabriel Ltd is dedicated to offer the most innovative and cost effective manufacturing solutions in wood, metal, acrylic, leather, PU and Poly Resin. We strive to present our clients with the most aesthetically stimulating and leading edge finishes, as well as the more traditional styles.

The range includes metal, marbled, distressed crackle, high lustre and almost subliminal colour washes. We offer high quality finishes including subsurface decoration coated in luxurious polyester lacquer Technological progress has more recently allowed us to incorporate advanced composite materials, such as carbon fibre into our manufacturing ability.

Covered wooden and MDF boxes are a growing speciality, where client specified graphics are litho printed then laminated to the substrate, we also offer in house foil blocking and laser engraving facilities. The application of handmade papers and coverings to wooden substrates is another packaging technique of which we have extensive knowledge. All materials can be pantone matched.

Our very comprehensive understanding of the wooden box manufacturing process has enabled us to master the technique of interior lining. Hessian, velvet, silk, suede and paper are among some of the fabrics we have utilised. We can manufacture bespoke metal Brand Badges and Clasps, Cold Enamel Labels and various kinds of additional components to complement the product.

Production of High Class Metal and Multi-material point of sale items is fast becoming a specialty. As major suppliers of copper, brass and silver we have the capacity to press, chemically etch, and plate metallic items to specification.

Our expertise has now diversified to the extent we can cast, pantone cast and engrave acrylic merchandise to exact client design. We have also developed a catalogue of standard products which includes a variety of items from kitchen wares to jewellery stands.

The constant development of our surface decoration, lining, pressing and casting techniques allows us to offer designers and clients a diverse choice of design features to explore and integrate. We continuously search for new materials to provide scope for originality and distinctive design edge.